Wix SEO Hero Forum Wix create new forum for SEO Hero Challenge

It looks like Wix may have acted upon my suggestion that they create an SEO Hero Forum – A Suggestion to WiX about the SEO Hero Challenge

It appears they are now working on an SEO Hero forum on their site http://www.seoheroschool.com/forum/

“Whatโ€™s the Wix Forum?

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Wix Forum is the perfect tool to connect with your site visitors, build a community & drive more traffic to your site! Have something to say? Click Create New Post to start your own discussion.

What else can you do with your forum? Give it a catchy name, create unlimited categories and choose from beautiful layouts like Card or Classic.”

They obviously have a bit of work to do on the styling but hopefully it will be live soon.

Just hope they move it to a neutral domain, being on seoheroschool.com may stop people engaging due to the fact they may get a big benefit from it.

It looks as though you can sign up, create avatar and add a hero image – Watch out for the T-Rex ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tricky to edit though and it uses what you put in front of your email address as your displayed name – so be careful.

Update 19/12/16

That didn’t last long – Wix have removed their SEO Hero Forum
If the Blog and Courses are anything to go by, it will probably return soon as /seo-hero-forum ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope my T-Rex is still on there when they bring it back

SEO Dinosaur