Proposed Route Stratford-upon-Avon South Western Relief Road

Proposed Route – CALA Route

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Approximate route of the South West relief road for Stratford-upon-Avon with new bridge over the river Avon and 5m above the railway lines.

Larger Map of Stratford-upon-Avon South West relief road

Possible Alternative Route – The Penrod Route

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A possible alternative route taking the traffic further out from Stratford, away from housing on Luddington Road and other side sewage works.

Larger Map of Stratford-upon-Avon South West relief road

What Should CALA Provide

As CALA only really need to provide relief for the Long Marston village should they only really be obliged to provide the yellow line on the alternative route with the Council having to provide the connecting routes to Alcester Road and Shipston Road?

Here are just 10 reasons why the Alternative SWRR may be seen as a better route.

10 Reasons Why The Alternative SWRR Could be a Better Option

1. A better link to the new Long Marston New Town.
2. Moved away from racecourse.
3. Moved away from flood plains.
4. Moved away from majority of housing in Luddington road.
5. A smaller elevated section crossing river and rail track.
6. Joining on to Evesham Road well out of town.
7. A better route to eventually link through to Alcester Road.
8. Is an actual bypass rather than a so called relief road which provides a way of bypassing Stratford completely.
9. Provides 3 spur routes in to Stratford (via Evesham road, Alcester road and Birmingham road)
10. Far more suitable for larger vehicles.

Agree or Disagree? – Have your Say Below

Zoom in on the possible alternative map
Is that not the obvious place for the South Western Relief Road?
It looks so obvious that it should go there that I am astounded it hasn’t been suggested

The possible alternative route could eventually link from Banbury Road to Alcester road, be well outside Stratford with an elevated section resembling an old viaduct over rail lines and river.

Have Your Say on The Stratford-upon-Avon South Western Relief Road

What do you think – Is where the proposal is the right place, If they are building a new bridge over the River Avon should the whole relief road go a further out and the other side of Bordon Hill Nurseries, does Stratford need a new Western Bypass at all?

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