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Penrod Shero Says…

It’s not what you write – It’s where you write it.

Delve deep.

Backs were made for scratching.

Never leave footprints in virgin snow.

Regurgitating your own content isn’t spam.

55 character or 512px titles are for those who don’t do their own SEO testing and experimenting.

Rules are Rules – Guidelines are Guidelines.

Social Engineering and SEO are like Bangers and Mash.

Reciprocal linking is what makes the Web.

I’d rather not be a dead hero.

Overcome International Targeting by Going Unlisted

Rabbits are good for SEO.

Do it right in the 1st place and you don’t have to redirect.

Paying a Huff Post journalist to ghost write your link embedded article isn’t buying links, it’s paying to have your informative article published on a high quality journal.

It takes 10 years of knowledge to become a lucky SEO.

Did Florida teach you nothing?

You are, and always will be, your number one fan.

Ask a silly question – Get a silly answer.

Ask a question in a SEO Forum – Get a silly answer.

The more people you mention – The more chance you have of being mentioned.

I like lilac.

Make use of the tilde ~

Personalization Sucks.

Why did Search Mash go the way of the Dinosaurs?

Call someone a fool, they will call you a fool – Call someone a SEO Hero, they will call you a SEO Hero

Who is Gerald Duck anyway?

Titles, Headers, Alt Attributes, Anchor Text, Well Structured, Easily Navigated, Engaging, Informative, Publicised – It’s not rocket science.

SEO is Dead.

Has there been a Page Rank update?

Ask Penrod Anything.

Penrod The SEO Hero

He may not look that heroic to you – but you don’t know Penrod like I do!

Have you seen Penrod?

This post was written by Penrod Shero on 21st November 2016 and is in the category - SEO Hero News

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