Day 58 13/01/17

Day 58 – Trying out Envato Sites and WiX Site Builder

I have done very little with the SEO Competition this week apart from tidy up the site a bit, change the color scheme (again) and set up a page for my SEO Hero.

I’ve been playing with Envato Sites a bit this week and although it is nice for building little sites with it has what I believe is the same flaw as Wix in that you have no plain text editor or ability to edit files.

Maybe they have but I haven’t discovered it yet – But I don’t understand why the likes of the Envato and Wix site builders don’t work the same way as WordPress and allow us to actually edit files and templates?

I presume it’s because they just target the drag and drop market and just want it as simple as possible to create pretty little sites.

Now if we could FTP in and basically create our own themes or edit existing themes I would give both of them a better go, but as they both are at the moment I see little point.

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