Day 44 – 29/12/16

Day 44 – The Curse of the SEO Hero – Sciatica

There is going to be far less SEO Hero (or anything else) over next few days as I’ve had my 1st ever bout of Sciatica 🙁

It started as stiff legs, moved up to lower back and is now in right buttock and all down my right leg and especially in my calf.

Never experienced pain like this before and found that sitting down at PC was giving me quite a bit of relief, but unfortunately the Doctor said it’s the worst thing I can be doing and I shouldn’t sit for more than 10 minutes but should keep active even if just wandering around the house.

Unfortunately, because of the pain I am tensing up resulting in stiff neck and back ache higher up too.

Although, all I want to do is just sit down, I know that if I do, the pain I will get when I stand up will be excruciating, so from now on it’s no more sitting at the PC for hours on end 🙁