Day 43 of SEO Hero Contest – 28/12/2016

Day 43 – Why Don’t You Add Yourself To My List of SEO Hero Competitors?

One of the 1st things I did when the SEO Hero Contest started was create a page where SEO Hero Competitors could add themselves to my list of SEO Hero Competitors.

This page allows people to add a brief description of their SEO Hero websites and also provides a link back to their site.

6 weeks in to the competition and only about 20 SEO Hero Competitors have added themselves to the list which makes me think;

1. Are people not finding the page?

2. Do people not understand that they are welcome to add themselves to it?

3. Do people think there is no value in being added to the list?

4. Do people think there is some kind of catch?

5. Do People not want to give me their name and email address?

6. Do People think that by adding themselves to the page it gives me more benefit than them?

7. Other reason?

If you are an SEO Hero Competitor who has seen my list of SEO Hero Competitors page but have not added yourself to it – Please could you let me know why not in the comments below.