Day 41 of SEO Hero 26/12/16

Day 41 – Tidying up old SEO Competition Sites

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bit of a hoarder and that goes for websites too as I rarely delete things but tend to just move stuff around from folder to folder or even from website to website.

I was having a look through some old directories, files and folders and found a lot of stuff on for one of the early SEO competitions.

There were about 20 interlinked pages tracking what I was doing during the competition and also a list of other SEO Competitions.

Never one to miss an opportunity I added both my SEO Hero and my SEO Hero sites to the list and tidied up the pages at the same.

I really must go back and find all my old Nigritude Ultramaine pages at some time – they were on and for those who remember the Nigritude Ultramaine competition this is the site that came 2nd and 3rd to the Anil Dash winning blog post.

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