Day 4 21/11/16

1 . I Created an AMP Page for The Contest Rules

I adapted my theme slightly so that I could create AMP pages and then created an AMP Page for The WiX Contest Rules.

As the WiX SEO Hero Contest is an event, I also added some JSON LD code for the little party we will be having at TJ’s place near the end of the contest 😉

2. Requests from Competitors to Appear in My List of SEO Hero Competitors

I’ve started receiving requests from Competitors who want to appear on my List of WIX SEO Hero Competitors page, so have decided to restrict this to the 1st 20 people who contact me.

Those who contact me after the 20 top spots are gone will appear on a 2nd page that I will create.

3. Never, ever forget – Rule Number 1

Not only did I forget rule number 1 – I created 5 pages before realising I had forgot rule number 1 🙁

Rule no. 1 – Check Spellings When Optimising.

My new little SEO Hero is called Penrod

I drew a nice picture of Penrod and set up a page for Penrod – All very good.

What do I do next? – Create some little feeder pages, only trouble is in my feeder pages I called him Penfold 🙁

Got to go back now and either change my Penfold pages or create new ones for Penrod – All because I forgot Rule Number 1