Day 32 – 17/12/2016

Using the SEO Hero Challenge to test new ideas and experiments

As the SEO Hero Challenge lasts 3 months from today I see it as a great way of testing out new ideas 😉

I’ve been experimenting with my WordPress alternative on and off for a couple of months now and have decided to set it up on Gerald Duck and use the SEO Hero Competition as a way of testing it.

Most of the content I post on Gerald Duck will be copied from, or based around, the content from Penrod Shero.

This may have a negative effect on both sites, but that’s what experiments are for.

SEO Hero Updates – Are you Fully Aware of the SEO Hero Rules?

Meanwhile back in SEO Hero Land.
I had another read of the rules last night and advise others to do so before February.

Most will be aware that we have to set up Google Analytics, set up a Google Search Console account and grant the SEO Hero moderator full admin rights to both.

Something to bear in mind is ensuring you have adequate privacy policies and cookies information when using Analytics as this could be used as a way of disqualifying entrants from the competition.

There are lots of other things in the rules that people need to be aware of and adhere to throughout the competition.

I strongly suggest that everyone reads them thoroughly so you don’t give WiX any excuse to disqualify you.

Maybe this should be a post on it’s own – Anybody?

I decided to set up a new site for SEO Hero 😉

Fortunately, it looks like I may have registered this after 16th November, no idea if it was previously registered or not though, I just liked the name 🙂