Day 30 – 15/12/2016

Wix SEO Hero at The Super Bowl

“Following the successes of its first two Super Bowl appearances, Ltd. (Nasdaq: Wix) today announced that it will return to the Super Bowl marketing lineup with a new TV spot airing during the FOX broadcast of Super Bowl LI, Sunday, February 5, 2017”

Will the Wix Super Bowl ads feature a SEO Hero?

“The Super Bowl is an important ingredient in our marketing mix as it reaches our fans, potential new customers and more than 100 million viewers who are joining together for the spectacle that is game day. The Super Bowl exemplifies the Wix ideals of fun, excitement and passion. We are thrilled to have the privilege to be part of something so huge once again.”

Source: WiX press release

Sorry, we cannot reveal yet whether Penrod Shero will be making a guest appearance, all we can say is Watch This Space…

Go Penrod Go

Go Penrod Go – Go Penrod Go