Day 3

1. The SEO Rabbits Make an Appearance

Did very little to my site today other than adding the SEO Rabbits.

Why Rabbits? – I hear you ask.

Well, after extensive research over on UKSBD our tests confirmed that rabbits can improve Google rankings.

With that in mind we have included the UKSBD rabbits on the SEO Hero homepage.

2. Previous SEO Competitions

I had a quick track back through some of my old pages for the previous SEO Contests from 2004 and tidied a couple of them up a little.

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder, have the same tendencies with websites and rarely delete anything completely.

What I did do though, was tidy up the old blog section of sim64 – Sim64 SEO Blog and refreshed an old post on there about SEO Competitions.