Day 26 – 11 December 2016

1. The Joy of it All

The joy of playing these little games is that you can do just about whatever you want on your website without worrying about USP’s, Calls to action, establishing trust, retaining attention or any of that other stuff that ruins your fun.

If I want to set a picture of a Bunnykins as the background and not care if it makes the text harder to read – I can 🙂

If I want to start using the blog section as an actual blog and just post whatever I want – I can 🙂

If I want to start a few games, make nonsense posts, add any photos – I can 🙂

If I want to add SEO Tips in amongst my ramblings – I can 🙂

If anyone wants to join in – They can 🙂

As the one thing I find missing in this SEO Competition is interaction amongst those taking part.
It’s only a bit of fun for most of us taking part so if you want to have a bit of fun too get in touch with me.

2. Tidying PenrodShero Up

The website was getting messy again with different styles and layouts scattered about all over so I decided to give it a more universal look.

Although it may not be obvious when you view the source (apart from posts/pages with comments) penrodshero is built with WordPress, but where it differs from most is it doesn’t use wp-head and it uses multiple header-***.php and multiple page-***.php files.

This basically means that when I create a Page I can choose from about 5 different layouts and the problem was the 5 layouts were using 5 different header-***.php files which were a lot different to each other.

I’ve now made these more similar to each other but still with the different features I need.

Whilst at it, I removed the SEO Hero diary from the top of the posts pages and created a new widget for it which I have positioned under the content.