Day 2 – 19/11/16

1. Building a Website on a Wix Website

A lot of SEO people slag off Wix Websites mainly due to the lack of control, the Ajax Crawling and the use of Escaped Fragments.

Personally, I’ve never seen it as that much of a problem and as long as you know how to use ?_escaped_fragment_= you can easily optimise a Wix site.

So this morning I quickly went and set up a WIX SEO Hero website

Saying I set up a Wix Website is a bit of an exaggeration – As all I really did was set up one Wix page on a blank template on the free Wix Websites package.

Website built on WiX

Are WiX Websites Any Good

If I wasn’t a coder who liked to hand build websites I would be tempted to give Wix a bit of a go.
Anyone can create snazzy looking websites in very little time with very little training – Not really my cup of tea though as I am almost OCD about simplicity.

It really is a bit of a horses for courses thing – If you just want to build your own cheap, snazzy website WiX could be for you.

If you want more control, want to learn as you go along, don’t want to be tied to a particular system, etc. you may find it better to learn a little coding and start of on something like WordPress.

2. Search For SEO Hero from Location of Your Choice.

I built this nifty little tool which enables you to select which version of Google to search with and which location to make Google think you are searching from.

Search for SEO Hero from any Location