Day 10 27/11/2016

1. Yes – Penrod Shero Knows it is a 302 Thank You

Penrod Shero temporarily raises his head above the parapets and gives a little wave.
Penrod set up a 302 today – And no, it is not a malicious one.

2. A Good SEO Hero Site

In amongst all the rubbish out there I found a good site today –

This is doing similar to me, regular updates, list of competitors, information on the rules, etc.

They have a list of Rankings (I thought it was a bit early to do this as it is almost impossible to distinguish competitors and non competitors at this stage)

They also have an Cheat Sheet – This is something I wouldn’t do as I don’t like to out those using grey or black hat tactics.

It has some nice info though and is well worth following.