Day 1 of The WIX SEO Hero Contest

A bit late to the party as it is now 18/11/2016

I 1st heard about the WIX SEO Hero Contest this morning after reading a post on UK Business Forums.

It brought back memories of those early SEO competitions where a random word or phrases was chosen and the ide of the completion was to see who could rank highest for it within a set time frame.

Although I doubt I will be taking the WIX SEO Hero Competition seriously (the rules make it impossible for someone like me) I have created this new little website and will be keeping a diary of what I do.

WIX SEO Hero Contest – Day one activities

1. I registered the domain at 123-reg
From past experience of the early SEO Competitions and knowing that you can build up the strength of a domain during competitions like this, I didn’t choose a Keyword rich domain, a domain with WIX mentioned in it or a domain specifically named for the completion, instead I chose a domain name that I will continue to use long after the completion has finished.

2. I set up some hosting on Vidahost.
I already have a medium cloud hosting package with Vidahost which has some spare capacity, so decided to host there.

3. Static or Dynamic?
Normally I would go down the static route for things like this, but as I’m not taking the competition seriously I’ve decided to combine the competition with some work I am doing on a very, very basic WordPress theme and will use the competition to test out and experiment with the theme.

4. Installing WordPress
Having decided I will be using WordPress I installed it on to my hosting, uploaded my new search engine friendly theme and created 3 basic pages, a category and posted my 1st post (this one).

5. I added and to search console and set as the preferred domain

6. Added some JSON code to the homepage

7. Uploaded a favicon

8. Created a new stats package at and added the statcounter code.

9. Did a “Fetch as Google” from within Google Search Console at 15:35 (Site was instantly indexed)

10. Created a new Google account.
Just in case I do decide to enter the competition and so I can give WIX access to a Search Console and Analytics account that I am not using for anything else.

11. Created a Google+ Brand Page for SEO HERO
Bit of a flashback to the early days of Google+ when creating Google+ Pages was fun (Hallelujah for Google+ Classic)

12. Made a couple of posts on the SEO Hero Google+ Page

13. Created a rules section on this site highlighting the main rules of the WIX SEO Contest.

14. Went and read the full rules to the Wix SEO Hero Contest, saw the clause “The WIX SEO Hero Contest website must be created, maintained and promoted in compliance with the Google Guidelines for SEO published at here (the “Guidelines”). Any activity in violation of the Guidelines may disqualify the Participant” and decided this makes the whole contest farcical and a waste of time.

15. Wrote a post on V1 Sites called WIX SEO Hero Contest Rules explaining why I think this clause makes the contest a complete waste of time.

16. Created a SEO Hero Competitors page which will consist of a list of Wix SEO Hero Contest competitors including a link to their SEO Hero website.