An Open Letter to Wix – Give SEO Hero Competitors a Free Upgrade

This is an open letter to Wix – I have a free package with you – I’m not going to upgrade to a different package – If I knew what your upgraded packages were like I may recommend them to others.

Here’s the Dilemma – I can’t recommend your packages without 1st knowing how they work myself.

Here’s the solution – Give me a Free Unlimited package.
(I don’t need the free domain, Ad Voucher, favicon, form builder, site booster)

OK, the advertised price is just under £8.00 a month, but I’m not going to pay that and the cost to you is probably less than £1 a month – So why not just give it to me?

There must be lots more SEO Hero Competitors who would like to try out your Unlimited Package.

If they are as good as you say, let us all have a free package, if we like it the referrals we generate could be as valuable as the publicity you are getting from the SEO Hero Challenge.

You can even use it to your advantage – give 100 SEO Hero Competitors a Free Upgrade and you can say you are giving away £10,000 worth of web services.

Do you want to try out a Wix Unlimited Package?

If any other SEO Hero Competitors like the sound of this and would like to test a Wix package comment below – If they are forthcoming I will let you know.

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